May 20, 2006

Top Ten Thursday: Saturday Edition

Due to specific request, here is Top Ten Thursday the stand-up comedian edition. I'm going to go ahead and disqualify some people right off the bat to avoid controversy. Off the list are: Conan O'Brien, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, Robin Williams, Cosby, SNL players Spade, Miller, Sandler, Carvey, Myers, Steve Martin, Martin Short. Most of these comedians enhanced their comedy by doing other things, you may think that Seifeld disqualifies Jerry, but his stand up made his other projects better. Special thanks to The Mad Fishicist for requesting this.

10. Denis Leary
9. Eddie Izzard
8. Gallagher (Playing in Valdez next week, TMF, so it's all about you)
7. Chris Rock
6. Sarah Silverman
5. Steven Wright
4. Mitch Hedberg
3. Jim Gaffigan
2. Richard Pryor
1. Jerry Seinfeld Sorry Carrot Top, you didn't make my list.


K-Rex said...

Chris Rock was on SNL and where is George Carlin?

MKinMotion said...

Rock's three years on SNL didn't dq him from my top ten, because he always has excelled at stand-up.

George Carlin isn't in my top 10. Maybe if he had more than 2 jokes, he might make the list.

k-rex said...

I am just sayin - If you dq Eddie Murphy you should dq Rock for the same reasons...

MKinMotion said...

Believe me, K-Rex, I know what you're saying. I wrestled with the Eddie Murphy question for a while. Here's why Rock makes the list and Eddie Murphy doesn't.

1. Name 3 memorable Chris Rock SNL sketches not named Nat X.
2. Chris Rock has returned to stand-up from time to time whereas Eddie Murphy made a couple of Nutty Professor movies and Daddy Day Care).
3. Eddie Murphy's stand up comedy relied heavily on ridiculing people with AIDs and homosexuals, which stopped being funny and started being dated.

Rock's stand-up not only is still relevant today, but he's still doing it. You heard it here first, Eddie, America wants you back on the stage and not in family movies.

Molly said...

i met steven wright!!!! drank with him at the funny farm on the palmer wasilla hwy

Poopy said...

I wish that I would have seen this one sooner so that I could complain that my man wasn't even an honorable mention....Zach Galifianakis