May 22, 2006

Eric Clapton: Grumpy Old Man

Maybe it's that disappointment finally settling in from his collaboration with Babyface or he just realized that he's no longer with Sheryl Crow, but Eric Clapton has become the grumpy old man of Rock and Roll. The 61 year old legend, was quoted in the British newspaper The Times, as putting Coldplay, U2 and Simon Cowell in the same category; award show attenders. My favorite part is when he says, "I think what it shows is how incredibly detached all the current stuff is from its roots. What worries me about what's going on now is that people don't know where it's all come from, and I don't suppose they're that interested." I'm sure he's forgetting how far from his roots he was when he recorded the Pilgrim album. Or perhaps he equates doing such projects as Rod Stewart's cover version of "Blue Moon" as getting back to his roots. After all, to show us he's in touch with the roots of blues, he did cut that album with B.B. King and that Robert Johnson cover album. What the world needs is more Greatest Hits CDs from Eric Claptop, afterall, he's only made 5, right? Okay, enough about Eric Clapton, read for yourself.

ht: cara @ scatter o' light

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c said...

yeah, clapton. that was sad. to me the roots of rock are not so much the music as the message. how can he fault u2 in that sense? the poor old guy......