May 15, 2006

Album of the Week

A day late on the Album of the Week.

This week's album comes from Sufjan Stevens. Lots of buzz about Sufjan...mainly because he is an incredible talent. His religious themes are a turn off to some, a turn on to others, and unrecognizable to a lot. The themes are subtle enough that some of the only thoughts that go through your head are "This stuff is amazing." I was walking last week up a hill and then along the ridge at the top of the hill and then back down and had Illinoise/Illinois playing on my iPod. The songs were like cuts on a soundtrack of a movie about my struggle to climb, the majesty of the view and the thrill of descent. You have to know an album is incredible if mere outtakes of the album released on a separate album are being considered one of the best albums of 2006. So take my word for it, you deserve to have Illinoise/Illinois in your collection...perhaps on your iPod, your movie will take you to fantastic places.


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