May 15, 2006

Tip, Trick and Tool #2

I mentioned Skype a few posts ago when I announced I was looking for a podcast partner. I could hear some of you say audibly when you read the post, "What is this thing you call Skype?"
Well, Skype is a form of VOIP or internet phone. It's free software and it's free to contact other Skype users. All you need is a microphone and headphones. Right now Skype is running a promo until the end of the year that allows you to make calls to phones (cell phones or land lines) in the US or Canada. You can set Skype up to have a phone number that people call, but that costs some money. Basically it's like IM but with your voice. Check it out. And add me to your Skype...user name MKinMotion, of course.

While we're talking VOIP, if you are interested in Vonage service, let me know and I'll get you a coupon. If you don't know what Vonage is, it's just like a landline, but better. All you need is a broadband internet connection, which judging by my traffic reports, you've got that covered. You receive a box that functions as your Vonage converter as well as a pretty sweet router. Unlike your current landline, though, there is a web based interface that lets you set up Voice Mail (it will send you the mp3 of the voice mail in your email the second it's deposited), Call Forwarding is standard, and the web interface includes a call log, so you can check who's calling from work or any other remote place. You can assign yourself any number Vonage has access to, so if you want to assign yourself a St. Paul, Minnesota number but you live in Tulsa, Oklahoma, you can. You can also pay a little extra and get a toll free number too. So, like I said if you want a coupon for a free month of Vonage, send me an email.


I guess if you want a gmail account, also, I can send you an invitation.


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