May 29, 2006

Killing Birds With Stones

So I missed Top Ten Thursday and Sunday's Album of the Week. As the saying goes I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. Okay, so I'm going to use a couple of stones, but one post.

This week I read a few articles that accuse The Red Hot Chili Peppers of stealing the sound for "Dani California" from Tom Petty's "Last Dance of Mary Jane." Though no major news outlets are reporting it, there are several places it's showing up. To settle the controversy, I introduce you to The Jayhawks. Gary Louris and Mark Olson formed the Jayhawks in 1985 in Minnesota. Several of their albums received high praise from critics and other musicians, but they lacked the commercial appeal of other acts that made it big in the late 80's early 90's. This week's album of the week is actually albums of the week. Inspired a bit by the Petty/Pepper controversy but more so by an email conversation with TMF. Here's your albums of the week.

The Jayhawks, Hollywood Town Hall (1992)
The Jayhawks, Sound of Lies (1997)

Listen to this sampling of "Waiting for the Sun" by the Jayhawks from Hollywood Town Hall and tell me who stole from who.

Here's Tom Petty's "Last Dance of Mary Jane" from his 1993 greatest hits album.

Here's "Dani California" off of Stadium Arcadium.

Here's a mix that a DJ made to point out the similarity.

Let the record show that the Jayhawks released "Waiting for the Sun" prior to Petty's Dance.

Hollywood Town Hall on iTunes.
Sound of Lies on iTunes.
Blue Earth on iTunes.
Tomorrow the Green Grass on iTunes.

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