May 15, 2006


Kaboom is a free concert produced by KFOG, a local SF radio station. Last year, KFOG lined up Kathleen Edwards, Jon Butler Trio and The Wallflowers. In 2004, The Waifs, Robert Randolph and Train. This year, somewhat local Jackie Greene opened for KT Tunstall followed by Los Lonely Boys. All three were good. I've never been a big fan of Los Lonely Boys, but they put on a great show. KT was fantastic, but you all knew I'd say that. It was followed by an amazing fireworks display. Growing up, during the Independence Day barrage, we were all told that the biggest fireworks display west of the Mississippi is in Fort Vancouver. That may be the case on the 4th of July, but I've never seen a bigger or better fireworks display than Saturday night. It was choreographed to music and I literally got chills when City of Blinding Lights played to fireworks trailing down through the evening sky. Not bad for a free event. 250,000 people agreed.

Here's video of the amazing fireworks show.

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J-Nard said...

How many times will you come to SF without visiting your old buddy?