May 7, 2006

Album of the Week

This week's album of the week coincides with the future New Music Tuesday post. No it's not a Red Hot Chili Peppers album. This week's album of the week is the 2003 release from the Stills. Listening to Logic Will Break Your Heart, you might get flashbacks of Echo and the Bunnymen, The Cure or the Smiths. It's hip Indie music at its best. The album kicks off with the hit "Lola Stars and Stripes" and closes out with "Yesterday Never Tomorrows." Beyond the catchy lyrics is a band that seems to effortlessly make wonderful music together. You can check out a couple sample tracks below and also a link to their recent podcast on KEXP pimping their album due out this week, which could be even better than Logic.

Still in Love Song (
Still In Love Song

Lola Stars and Stripes (
Lola Stars and Stripes

KEXP Podcast

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