July 13, 2006

A Week's Worth of Posts

I've been sick and trying to prepare for my week of relaxation and haven't had as much motivation to put anything out here this week. I've missed the Album of the Week, New Music Tuesday, commenting about my man Kyle McDonald, my new found enjoyment of Netflix, etc. I'm uploading the latest edition of Supply and Demand as I type, so I'll put a post together for that tonight.

A couple of great releases this week. Things that have been floating around the internet for months have finally shown their faces. Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame released his solo album. Sufjan Stevens released the outtakes album from the Illinois sessions. James Figurine finally released Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake.

So check out these three albums for one more thing to do next week while I'm away from the web.

Thom York - The Eraser
Sufjan Stevens - The Avalanche
James Figurine - Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake

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