March 14, 2006

All It Takes

I happened to be flipping through channels yesterday afternoon and I stopped on VH1 long enough to see that they were counting down greatest album covers. Not only were most of their choices poor ones, but it has made me re-think continuing with mine.


The Mad Fishicist said...

don't stop. i have more entries. somehow this series is validating me.

K-Dawg said...

Let's be honest - the VH1 list was decied by a bunch of PR bunnies such as myself who insured their client's placement through free concert tickets and extravagant parties at Nobu.

There was no love or true fascination with the subject, just the greedy marketing machines of corporate America.

Keep the dream alive MK!!

Rich said...

Wait, was that on before or after The Flavor of love?

Keep doing it bro, Vh1 blows!