December 20, 2006

Year End, Part 1: If I Were a Single Stock Guy

I don't mean to create a conversation about buying single stocks versus buying mutual funds, that's not my intention. I think I'm way more of a mutual fund guy, if you were wondering. But, if I were a single stock kind-of-guy here are a few things that I would buy stock in as the new year approaches (read: predictions of things that will be big in 2007).

Greg Oden

The Magic Bullet

Windows Vista

Pete Carroll

Google, of course

Aging movie stars reprising roles (exhibit A, exhibit B, exhibit C, exhibit D)

American automakers who adopt hybrid technology

A member of either of the major political parties that emerges as fresh and not more of the same.

Digital SLR Cameras

Hot Fuzz

Saturday Night Live


Red Sox 2006 AL Pennant T-Shirts

1 comment:

Poopy said...

Nike+ iPod
Halo 3 (possibly 2008)
Barry Bonds career homerun record