December 31, 2006

Primary Season

I've voiced a few political statements on this blog over the year, and a few more on my previous blog, but for the most part I've stayed away from the politics. I've honestly been more entrenched in such battles as Bush v. Gore (Reggie v. Frank) than I have in the congressional races of 2006. I do however have interest in the 2008 Presidential election. In the 2000 election, as Vice President, Al Gore was an early front runner. Though Bill Bradley gave him a good race for a while, there wasn't much competition for the Democrat nomination. George W. Bush withstood John McCain's "Straight Talk America" campaign. In 2004, Bush wasn't challenged and John Kerry stood the test of time to be the Democrats' nominee. So 2008 is interesting and intriguing because it's the first Presidential race that doesn't have any clear cut nominee in either party. Sure names like Clinton, McCain, Gore, Edwards and Obama have been tossed around but that only makes it more interesting regardless of what side of the aisle your ideology lines up with. I look forward to seeing how the message of the parties looks when they aren't running against an incumbent. 2007 will give us a good idea of what 2008 will look like politically.

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