August 20, 2006

Album of the Week

So far so good on the Live Writer test drive.  This is a great way to put together a post!  I highly recommend it.  Now if only there was something this easy that would put templates together...


This week's Album of the Week is simple.  We're talking 2004.  I remember hearing one of Ray Lamontagne's songs while on vacation during Christmas of 04.  I'm pretty sure it was "Trouble," because that song was quite popular at the time.  It was new to me, though.  I was living in Anchorage at the time and radio up there is quite limited on introducing people to new things.  Lots of Clearchannel influence and not a lot of creativity.  Even to this day the album still stands up with the best of them.  I'm excited to hear the next chapter from Ray.  His first single is out and it's different than Trouble, but good nonetheless. 

And to give you some flavor, here's a sample to's not on Trouble, but it's a cover of Gnarls Barkley's CRAZY.

Buy Trouble

Buy "Three More Days"

1 comment:

Jason Pickles said...

He's such a great musician. If you ever get a chance to see his performance on Austin City Limits, it's well worth the time.