June 15, 2006

New Music Tuesday: Timewarp

So, not only is it Thursday, but I also thought that Tuesday was the 20th; hence the timewarp. Thinking it was the 20th had me overlooking one of the highest anticipated albums of my year. For at least a year, I've been hearing tracks leaked from Strays Don't Sleep's self titled album. If you remember I wrote a lot about Strays when I had the chance to see them open for Josh Rouse here and here (There are also some tracks available on their myspace page). I can't say enough about these songs. They're beautiful, they're heart wrenching, they're well written, well performed and well produced. Do yourself a favor and spend the $10.89. I purchased the tracks I didn't already have with some leftover credits in the Music Store.

Strays Don't Sleep - Strays Don't Sleep (iTunes)

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