June 8, 2006

Josh Ritter on Amazon

Want to know how good Josh Ritter is?

Check this out. Not a link to the store, but to their "TV" show.


shawn said...

so he is coming to portland soon (if not already)....and you are saying i shouldnt miss it?

shawn said...

too late.

MKinMotion said...

I've never seen him myself, but I've heard some great things. His albums are amazing and I heard an interview where he said he goes running in every town he plays in...maybe that was him you saw jogging...my encouragement for you is to see as much live music as you can stand or afford. You don't have to even know who you're seeing. Sometimes that's better. There are musicians we've never heard of that are better than most of the stuff we have heard of, but we and the rest of the world haven't discovered them. The Austin festival was an eye opener for that idea.