June 6, 2006

My Hard Drive Strained an Oblique

Yesterday I experienced a meltdown of my hard drive. Luckily not the one that holds all my music, but unluckily the one that housed windows as well as the all important My Documents folder. So I'm still tweaking piece by piece to get back to where I left off. I've had to install lots of software, remember a lot of URLs that were favorites, and wait through plenty of Windows Updates. I had some things backed up on my laptop, but for the most part I'm starting over. Lots of writing gone, lots of pictures gone, lots of time spent gone. It's definately made me come up with some backup processes to avoid the headache again. Nothing like corrupt files in your root. The tech support lady that helped me try to salvage data, said I was lucky to be able to just reinstall on the same hard drive, she thought I'd have to get a new one. On the positive side, though, I got rid of a bunch of junk that wasn't uninstalling. Fresh, clean Windows.


traci said...

i've seen commericials about you
time to get a mac

Krex said...

Spring cleaning in anticipation of Vista? ;-)

MKinMotion said...

If I'd have known they were releasing a beta this week, I'd have loaded it as my OS. You must not be doing your job, or more importantly your counterparts in the states didn't do their job...I should be the first to know. Then again, I'm sure it wouldn't have drivers for my stuff ready to go.