August 15, 2007

YouTube Goes to the Source

Proving that search, online video and intelligent advertising aren't their only strong suits, Google/YouTube have called for Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert to be deposed in the Viacom v. Youtube lawsuit. I'm no lawyer, but in my mind genius. Both Colbert and Stewart are "Producers" of their shows (Stewart of both) and if, as suspected, clips of the shows are knowingly uploaded to YouTube by members of the staff, the Producers will either have to admit it or imitate the politicians they love to mock so much by using the Reagan defense. Either way, it's a page straight out of Aaron Sorkin's story line.

Law: Did you order the clips to be uploaded?

Colbert: Do you want answers?

Law: I think I'm entitled.

Stewart: Do you want answers?

Law: I want the truth.

Viacom: You can't handle the truth!

That's right, I believe Google/YouTube are putting Jessep on the stand in a move to get the case dismissed. Again, I'm no lawyer, but my guess is it'll probably work.


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