August 5, 2007

What Were the 90's All About?: 1997

OK Computer might have been the masterpiece that defined the 90's (I've heard it compared to Sgt. Pepper's effect on culture in 1968). Matthew Ryan released his ambitious debut album with 6 songs that would show up on a greatest hits album if he made one. The tide turned in 1997 again with Sarah McLachlan becoming a household name and helping to bring her entire genre to the mainstream.

1. OK Computer, Radiohead
2. Surfacing, Sarah McLachlan
3. Pop, U2
4. Third Eye Blind, Third Eye Blind
5. Sound of Lies, The Jayhawks

Honorable Mention: The Colour and The Shape, Foo Fighters; Time Out of Mind, Bob Dylan; Urban Hymns, The Verve; So Much For the Afterglow, Everclear; Firecracker, Lisa Loeb; Mayday, Matthew Ryan

How do you remember 1997?

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