January 31, 2006

Take Two

Tomorrow or today, depending where and when you read this, I will be seeing Coldplay. That's Wednesday for you keeping score at home. I saw them in Austin (picture above) and as you can tell from the picture I was very far from the band. I'm not sure I'll be any closer in my nosebleed seats tomorrow night, but I'm sure I'll enjoy it. Fiona Apple opens for them. I've never seen her live, and just started to listen to her new album over the last few weeks. It's not bad. If you click on the picture and it expands, you might think that you see Guy Berryman standing fairly close, but that's him on the video screen. We were so far away that I never actually saw the band. Picture a famous Wembley show or the Slane Castle U2 or RHCP shows. The HP Pavillion will be less dirty, dusty, windy, and sweaty than Zilker Park.

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