January 29, 2006

Search Party

I've spent a considerable amount of time on the internet recently and there are a few things I discovered that you might enjoy.

1. Last.FM: There's a white box to the right that doesn't make much sense now, but promises to be pretty sweet. If you click on it now, it will tell you what I've been listening to in Itunes. Once a week it publishes that info in that white box. It's pretty real time, so you can see what time I'm listening to what.

2. One Red Paper Clip: This guy started with a red paper clip and told "the world" that he would trade it for anything, anywhere. Someone traded a pen for the red paper clip; he traded the pen for a door knob, the door knob for a camp stove, the camp stove for a generator, the generator for a beer sign and empty keg, the beer sign and keg for a snowmachine (snowmobile), he traded the snowmachine for a box truck. His eventual goal is to gain a house. Pretty interesting stuff.

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