June 18, 2007

Some of My Favorite People

I've got some great friends! Over the last couple of days I've gotten a chance to spend a little time with a few of my favorite people and it's given me a good boost to my morale.
I got to spend a few hours today with The Mad Fishicist. He was laid over in Anchorage on his way back from a mad fishing experiment in the desert of California and we had lunch and some great conversation. We even made an impromptu wake-up call for Riche.
I got to spend a few hours Saturday night...really Sunday morning living a bit of a ReckenRoll lifestyle. I got to learn a little more about her outside of the blogging world; a little more about her job; and I learned that Bernie's isn't the mellow late night venue it was a few years ago.
Good times.


ReckenRoll said...

And the hits just keep on rolling.

I learned that I prefer the Avenue to Bernies but I prefer F Street to both of those.

Not surprisingly today, I have a headache.

Matt said...

At least you're not analyzing things with said headache...