June 26, 2007

Congratulations Paste, Now Where's My Sampler?

Just got my latest issue of Paste Magazine as well as a 90 day reminder that my subscription is winding down. I renewed my subscription and in doing so, cemented my feeling that they are my favorite music magazine. In the last issue they had a great article on the best venues; listing the Fillmore (S.F., CA), Great American Music Hall (S.F., CA), and Stubbs BBQ (Austin) among others. I always enjoy hearing the wide range of music they include on their monthly samplers...but my latest issue (Issue 33) did not include the sampler CD. There isn't even any evidence that it was taken out between Georgia and Alaska. So, Paste, congrats on 5 years of great coverage of music and culture. I'm so glad you switched to a monthly format! Let's hope for both of our sakes that Rock can save the world, and Paste will be there to document it. But, where's my CD?

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