March 8, 2007

One Decemberists Ticket; One Killers Ticket

In light of the recent development of moving back to Alaska, I'm selling a couple of tickets to shows I won't be able to attend. Currently on ebay, 1 ticket to The Killers' April 7th show at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. The current bid as I post this is $60. Also available 1 ticket to The Decemberists' show on April 25th at the Warfield in San Francisco. There aren't any bidders at this point on the ticket and there is 1 day left. My understanding is both shows are sold out, so buying one ticket can add another person to your group or you can be a single like I would have been. If you're in the S.F. area or will be at either of those times, get your bidding on.

The Decemberists - here (currently priced at face value of the ticket)
The Killers - here

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