February 19, 2007

XM & Sirius

The web is all a buzz with talk of the merger between the two major satellite radio providers. I've considered satellite radio on a number of occasions but the thing that's kept me from subscribing is having to make the choice between the two services.
XM had MLB and ESPN.
Sirius had NFL and NBA.
Just sports alone makes a decision hard to make. The merger will of course be a bigger deal to a consumer once they can subscribe to a service that gives them Howard Stern and Air America on the same service. It should put "terrestrial" radio stations on notice. With the increase in internet radio, podcasts, and satellite radio, maybe there will finally be a revolution in the way radio is done. None of the news stories that I've read today have consistent facts, so I imagine a lot of it is speculation, but I'm ready to sign up when I can get the merged services.

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