February 27, 2007

New Camera and I Finished Babel

I got a new camera. It was on my list of resolutions for 2007 to get a digital SLR and I can cross that one off. I got a Canon EOS Rebel XTi...that's the 10.1 megapixel model of the Digital Rebels. It will definitely get the job done for getting some pictures of California over the next couple weeks as well as chronicling my adventures in Alaska. Also purchased to go along with it is a Waterproof backpack that should ease my anxiety of taking a supercamera out of it's box it came in.

I finished Babel. It's a pretty interesting film, but I still think The Departed deserves best picture. I felt like Babel was making some valid statements, but they were a little heavy handed and I felt like there was a lot I already had seen in movies like Crash and Traffic. Some great performances, though. Definitely worth two and a half hours of your time. Drop it in your queue with Little Miss Sunshine, The Departed, and Everything is Illuminated.

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