October 30, 2006

Zen and The Art of Blog Maintenance

MKinMotion.com has been pretty quiet lately.  I can't put my finger on it.  I'm constantly having thoughts that are post worthy, but can't seem to bring myself to actually publish.  Silence isn't because of busyness.  I've typed up a few things but held off in posting them because I did what I never used to do and read the post.  Since my last post, the Cardinals won the World Series!  I wrote a post that I can't find about becoming a fan of a team and how it develops. 

I grew up in a town that had neither a MLB team, so it's always been a question I've had to answer when I declare my Red Sox and Cardinal fandom.  People say, "well wouldn't being from Portland make you a Mariner fan?"  My opinion has always been that geography shouldn't have anything to do with fandom.

I'll be going to the Laker/Warrior game Wednesday night.  It's opening night for the Warriors.  I haven't been to a Laker game since Magic, Kareem and Worthy were playing.  I haven't been to an NBA game since JR Rider, Rasheed Wallace, Arvydas, Jermaine O'Neal and Kenny Anderson.  Brian Grant was also on the team.  Brian Grant had a couple of huge years for the Blazers and got a gigantic contract.  He was the 8th pick overall in 1994 by the Sacramento Kings.  He played in Portland for several years having some of his best years.  After Portland, he played in Miami, was traded to the Lakers with Lamar Odom in the Shaq trade.  He went on to the Suns.  Because the Blazers wrote him such a big check for his potential; and because the contract was weighted so that the later years of the contract were heavier than the first years, his final season in the NBA where he sat on the bench of the Suns and played off the bench in 21 games, he collected 14 million.  Brian Grant announced his retirement this week and although I always thought he was overpaid and improperly used, he was one of the all-time class guys in the NBA. 

I'm re-reading The Brothers K and it's even more clear this time through that it's one of the greatest books ever written.  I highly recommend it to anyone who likes baseball or fishing; has ever been a brother, sister, father or mother; and if you don't fit into any of those categories, I still guarantee you will love it.



I've been listening to a lot of music but haven't blogged about it.  I might just cook up a New Music Tuesday post tomorrow.  A few other ideas for projects in the works that may or may not come to fruition.  If you think I'm silent, there are several bloggers in my circle of friends who have been much less active...so at least you get table scraps.  I went through several weeks of material dealing with album cover art back in the spring and it got a lot of attention and interaction, I may try a similar sort of thing to stimulate my posting as well as your interaction.  Maybe lists too, they start conversations.  I used to do a top ten Thursday list, but abandoned it at some point.  Until then, thanks for continuing to stop by despite the silence.  

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