December 20, 2005

Goodbye P-Land

So, the U2 show was incredible…but I’ll do a whole review when I get a little more time. And post what pictures turned out... I’m sitting in PDX waiting for my flight out. I downloaded the new Ryan Adams album “29” (yes, his third complete album in 2005). It’s pretty great so far. A little bit of everything he’s done. There’s a piano song, a guitar only song, a rockabilly song that I accidentally played really loudly for all of these people at my gate. I had my headphones on, but they weren’t plugged into my computer so I was adjusting the volume higher and higher thinking it was turned down, but it was blaring to these old folks next to me.
I’m in the process of downloading the next episode of “Lost” (Raised by Another) in my effort to catch up with the shows on TV. I think watching a TV show about a plane crash is not the smartest thing before traveling by plane, but I also was watching “Flight of the Phoenix” as I packed up.
I wanted to thank all the folks that made my Portland trip great. Schmetzger, Woofer, JJ, Pablo, Homdrom, Freshmaker, Mort, TJ, Jon Bon Jovi, the Washington Wizards, the nice folks at the Spirit Mountain Casino, Bono, Larry, Adam, Edge, Kanye, etc, etc.
Next stop Oakland, CA.

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shawn said...

i wish you were staying.
i wish you were staying.