May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day

My mom is the greatest! Here are a few pics to show a few of the ways that she is great.

My mom met INXS.My mom always has time for a trip to Disneyland.My mom loves a good time and always knows how to dress for an occasion.My mom is a great leader, especially when an adventure is afoot. My mom loves to hike and is never afraid of where her feet might take her.My mom is cringing at having these 5 pictures of her up on my blog but is so polite, I won't hear about it. Love you, Mom.


The Mad Fishicist said...

happy mother's day, mkmom!
makes me want to sleep over and have dinner with you all again just so i can say the family prayer.

and thanks for all those lunches!

hikermom said...

Such happy memories! I don't mind the photos; they could have been really bad ones. You were careful, and I appreciate that. Glad we're family! I love you back.
P.S. - God bless you Isaac!