October 24, 2007

Anchorage Winter Car Care Tip #1

After parking your vehicle for the night, lift your windshield wipers up off of your windshield. This will avoid them getting stuck to your windshield or buried in the snow. Simple and effective way to keep your blades in good shape for when you need them most.

Addendum: This also applies to your arrival at work for the day. Often your defroster has melted snow and ice from your windshield by the time you reach work, but soon after you're settling in for a full day of work, the melt drips down to your wipers and freezes; not to mention any weather that might happen while you're inside.


SuperWife said...

you should post that on life alaska!

and don't forget to plug in when it's 20 degrees ;D

Jesse said...

I remember when I first saw plug ins on cars. I was in Edmonton, fresh from the west coast, at a gas station and saw this outlet sticking out of the hood. I laughed at first, but I don't laugh anymore.